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10×6 LED-Matrix with WS2812B

I built a 10×6 LED-Matrix with the great RGB LEDs WS2812B. The whole matrix is controlled only by one pin of an Arduino Nano V3.0.
I integrated Bluetooth functionality to change the running text from the smartphone. The housing is made of plywood.


I used the following parts in this project (the prices can be different in the future):

60x RGB LED WS2812B (as 1 Meter strip) ~ 7 Euro
1x Arduino Nano V3.0  ~ 5 Euro
1x Bluetooth Module HC-05  ~ 5 Euro
1x Power supply 5V 3A ~ 10 Euro
1x Adapter for Power Supply (e.g. micro USB) ~ 1 Euro
1x Capacitor 1000μF
1x Resistor 470Ω
some wires
 Plywood sheets  ~ 2 Euro
 Total  ~ 30 Euro


The electric circuit is pretty simple. I just split the led strip into six parts and connect the ending to each other (see picture below).

Electrical Circuit of led matrix

Picture 1: Electrical Circuit

You can also see the 100μF capacitor and the 470Ω resistor which protect the LEDs. In the original LED matrix I also add a switch to turn off the power, but this is not necessary.

LED matrix partially assembled

Picture 2: LED matrix partially assembled

The housing is made of plywood painted later with black paint.


I use three libraries from Adafruit to control the LEDs:

If you don’t know how to install libraries in the Arduino IDE, you can follow this guide.

I implemented this following seven functions:

  • vertical color gradient from top to bottom
  • square color gradient from inside to outside
  • scrolling text from right to left
  • random Tetris show
  • random snake show
  • colored spiral
  • crossing lines

You can find the whole Arduino source code on my GitHub repository:

For changing the text  I wrote a small Android App, but you can probably use any other Bluetooth app too. You just need to send the following string to the Bluetooth module:
newHello World!
to show the text Hello World! on the LED-Matrix.
The first three letters (“new”) will be cut off in the Arduino code.

Here is a nice tutorial on how to write your own app:

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  1. Ravi Gupta 10/07/2019

    I send more than 80 alphabets but approx 50 appears on display how I increase message length

    • Techniccontroller 20/07/2019 — Post Author

      Sorry. I think I cannot help you with that question. 100 Characters should be possible, but I never tested it. I don’t have the matrix anymore so I am not able to investigate this behavior.

  2. Ravi kumar Gupta 29/07/2018

    Thank you for your project
    my all problem is solve

  3. Ravi kumar Gupta 28/07/2018

    this is problem is solve

  4. Ravi kumar Gupta 28/07/2018

    hello in this project we send command through bluetooth text is scrolling on pixle but problem is that when power is cut or when we restart the arduino text is not appear
    can you solve this problem

  5. Ravi kumar Gupta 28/07/2018

    hi if i want to add more text through bluetooth is it possible to run all the text

  6. Hugo 20/06/2018


    First of all, congratulate him on the project, excellent tutorial.

    I have a problem with the arduino code, I do not have much experience in arduino and I can not find a way to solve it.

    I followed the tutorial, with the bookstores of adafruit and the caught one.

    But when trying to compile the code I get the following error.

    “LEDmatrix_V2: 28: error: ‘matrix’ was not declared in this scope

          matrix.Color (255, 128, 0),


    LEDmatrix_V2: 29: error: ‘matrix’ was not declared in this scope

          matrix.Color (0, 128, 0),


    LEDmatrix_V2: 30: error: ‘matrix’ was not declared in this scope

          matrix.Color (0, 0, 255)


    exit status 1
    ‘matrix’ was not declared in this scope ”

    If you could help me solve it, I would be very grateful.


    • Techniccontroller 23/03/2019 — Post Author

      A bit late, but fixed now on GitHub 🙂

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